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My band Vagabondage did a photo shoot over in the Marin headlands in the fog yesterday before our gig at the Skeleton Key: Steampunk Cabaret in Oakland. It turned out quite ok fashion wise! the corset is courtesy of Dark Garden Corsetry in SF

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Quite dashing!

And Dark Garden has some wonderful new steam-inspired corsets: http://www.darkgarden.com/.
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You guys look great! I love your skirt especially. Also, +1 for awesome band name!
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Nice! And hey, is that a Voodoo Heart skirt from Hot Rod Voodoo I spy you wearing?
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Simply stunning! And I had a great time meandering through your website as well. I do love the Sunshine Biscuit Factory... A zombie horror flick waiting to happen, that place.
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I am positively in love with that first photograph....