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([personal profile] harpers_child Jun. 24th, 2017 10:25 pm)
1. Wednesday's orthopedist appointment boiled down to "your knees are shit. get a different job where you aren't on your feet. there isn't much that can be done." Which sucks. It sucks hard. And I have feelings about it that I'm too tired / in too much pain to parse. Disability sucks. Degenerative conditions suck. I'm so under-medicated I could cry but every "painkiller" I've tried has either done nothing or I've had an allergic reaction to. ::hands::

2. My right wrist is the most easily dislocated/ subluxated wrist my orthopedist has ever seen. Which is something.

3. Had dinner with mom's side Friday night to celebrate various family birthdays. Got mom glared at when an aunt asked how my doctor's appointment went and I answered honestly. Because we must be happy happy happy all the time and never complain and never show weakness or something. IDEK.

Have I mentioned I think I'm starting a mood downswing?
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:29 pm)
Cartomancy + kitty! And trying out my new sparkly gold fountain pen ink

Halloween Tarot: Six of Imps (Six of Wands in traditional decks).

Six of Imps and Miss Erzabet No Biting
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 20th, 2017 08:29 pm)
Last week, The Husband was gone, off doing the Artist Thing at a M:tG event in Vegas. This means that even tho' my usual bedtime routine involves sleep meds, my sleep was not ... how should I put this? Restful. Constant waking up to various degrees.

Then, to add another layer of sleep deprivation: Today was the start of three days of early morning planning meetings for work. I'm in favor of planning meetings! I totally support having them! But almost my entire team is located in Ottawa, which means East Coast time zone. Today's meetings started at 6am my time, and went through (with breaks) to 1pm. Wednesday's round of meetings start at 7am, and then back to 6am start for Thursday. This sort of schedule, combined with my delayed sleep phase disorder, means that I'm going to feel off-kilter jetlagged to hell without any travel for all of this week.

Aaaaaaaand, on top of all this: I had an awful migraine all day yesterday. On top of the off-and-on migraine I'd had for a week. I finally agreed with The Husband that maybe my neck was out? And yeah, I probably should make an appointment with the chiropractor? So I went in this afternoon, and my chiro cheerfully informed me that not only was my neck out in the usual spot (right at the base of my skull), but that my lower back was out on the right side, and oh hey, I had a rib out of place on each side, in different spots.


After lots of clicks and crunches, hey presto! The migraine immediately lessened. The chiro also told me that according to my chart I come in every two months or so, which means that my idle thought that I should get some sort of x-rays or other imaging done to see if there's something going on with my neck needs to be not so idle anymore.
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 18th, 2017 10:19 pm)
Dragged the cards out of their resting place in an iron cauldon.

Halloween Tarot: King of Ghosts (King of Cups in traditional decks).

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Change.

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([personal profile] harpers_child Jun. 18th, 2017 11:56 pm)
Three good things that happened on my birthday:

1. We went to the zoo and they had special times where you could pay a dollar to feed a giraffe a carrot. The giraffe I fed went for more carrot than expected and I got some giraffe spit on my fingers.

2. Had a mint chocolate ice cream shake.

3. Youngest sister bought me a book I wanted and managed to get it to mom's house in time for my birthday. Middle sister is currently in town so I got to see her.
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([personal profile] chelseagirl Jun. 17th, 2017 04:33 pm)
The SSR Confidential Exchange had its reveals yesterday, so I can say "hey! I wrote some Agent Carter stories!" and make a couple of recs, as well.

"Girls' Night Out" is a romp about what happens when Peggy, Rose Roberts, and Ana Jarvis decide to go out for . . . well, a girls' night out. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11148879

"The 6:30 from Grand Central Station" was written for irisdouglasiana, who wanted interesting locations in either LA or NY. As a New Yorker, I chose the latter, and really enjoyed bringing in some real life locations, as well as one of my favorite historical figures. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11120733

My gift, from cairistiona, was a friendship story about Peggy and Dum Dum Duggan in the wake of losing Steve. It's called "It's Been a Long, Long Time" and it's lovely! http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SSR_Confidential_2017/works/11054868

I was lucky enough to get to betaread Selena's "Tomorrow, in a year" which is thought-provoking and challenging and so amazing. http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SSR_Confidential_2017/works/10973406

And there's lots of other great fic there. Go forth and read!

I, myself, promised someone an Agent Carter/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover set during the war and afterwards, and that will be happening very soon.
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([personal profile] harpers_child Jun. 15th, 2017 10:40 pm)
1. My birthday is Sunday. I've been extra disabled lately and have no energy. My mom is going to want to make a big deal because that's what my mom always does with birthdays. I've made an attempt to communicate that I'd just as soon skip having a birthday this year, but it probably hasn't worked.
1.b. I've got brainweasels over people getting me things right now too. The SU has agreed to not get me anything and that I'll order stuff for myself in the next couple of weeks.

2. I've got an orthopedist appointment next Wednesday and it can't come soon enough. My right knee has tipped from "hurts" to "I'm going to sit on my leg until it goes numb because then I won't feel it for a minute". Which is you know ::waves hands:: a thing.
2.b. Last weeks rain migraine ran headlong into the period migraine ran into this weeks rain migraine. I have no meds for migraines. The resulting tension headache has everything from the top of my head to mid thigh locked up. I could handle either the knees/hip/ankle/shoulder/wrist situation or the migraine thing but both is unfair and I'd like a refund for this body.

3. Kids camp at work has started. It's the best time of the year. Kids are awesome. If I could stand the parents I might consider a kid related job. I'm just happy that all the add/adhd kids I've got in my summer group have parents who are aware.
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([personal profile] emceeaich Jun. 15th, 2017 12:24 pm)

Everyday I wake up and I'm thankful that we didn't have to live through a Glee episode of Hamilton. — Nicole Cliffe as related by Mallory Ortberg

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([personal profile] azurelunatic Jun. 15th, 2017 12:38 am)
In a much more leisurely manner, belovedest and the boxes and the cat get to re-trace their pilgrimage.

It's been a super interesting day, yup.
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([personal profile] azurelunatic Jun. 14th, 2017 02:44 pm)
For my birthday, I had a lovely Afternoon Out with my metamour -- sushi, pedicures, pastries and coffee, wandering around the mall.

We were then joined by my primary partner, and we had a three-party date to see Wonder Woman, which was fantastic. So much fun, lots of awesome women, and Chris Pine makes a great sidekick.

I am coming to Wonder Woman very late. (There's a very sad story somewhere in there, of what I think was a movie book for some female superhero, which was on the book racks in my 4th grade classroom. It looked interesting, so I picked it up to read. It would have been at most a 45 minute time investment. Unfortunately, the movie itself was apparently deeply uncool, and reading the large-format with-pictures book of the movie was even more dorky. Which some young dickheads in my class promptly noticed, and mocked me for. Which ended my brief interest in the idea of comics at all.)

Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, came to talk at Virtual Hammer one day. It was an amazing experience, and an honor to be in the same room. Of particular note was the engineer standing up, clutching her Wonder Woman lunchbox, and tearfully thanking her for being a successful woman who looked like her; Wonder Woman had given her the strength as a little girl to follow her passions. (Upon seeing that, a nearby male engineer who had drawn one of the golden tickets surrendered it: it would have been an interchangeable experience for him, but a lifelong dream realized for her.)

I kind of took the movie in as huge globs of thick awesome: the island! the women! the training! OMG THE OUTSIDER! and went from there.

My partner was sitting in the middle, and as such was getting fed treats from either side, and getting whispers from either side. At a certain point, after there had been screen time for a particular character, I had a thought, and whispered it. "I fear it would be too subtle for [a large loud comic book franchise movie] if [SPOILER] were really [SPOILER]." My partner threw their head back and laughed, and agreed: probably too subtle.


It's also amazing to have a superhero storyline with such a nice balance of fire and kindness. Wonder Woman is going to straight-up stab people. But she's going to see what else works, first. That's her whole concept. It's lovely.

The Girls Interrupting podcast had a little episode on the movie, and they talked about a thing from one of their favorite comics. Read more... )

In my own life, I aspire to be more like Wonder Woman, to extend a hand before straight-up stabbing -- but not waste time when it's actually clear that extending your hand is going to get it sliced off. And I think I've been falling behind on self-examination. I need to make more moments where it's just me. No matter how honest I am with my trusted friends, there's always the temptation to try to make myself look better than I know in my heart that I actually am. I can help solve that by narrowing the audience. I can widen it later if I like. It's scary to write down some of the things, but if I write them down, that means there's more room in my head for the important things. Kindness. Truth. The willingness to straight-up stab Nazis.
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([personal profile] desperance Jun. 13th, 2017 10:49 pm)
So I was going to write a long, thoughtful post about search and research and discovery, about possibility and risk and hope - but I'm stressed and anxious and exhausted, and I've spent the day doing scary bureaucratic shit, and that's just not going to happen. I'll hope to come back to it later.

Meantime, here's the tl;dr:

Karen is booked to go to Mexico in early October, for a chemotherapy/stem cell transplant procedure that should reboot her immune system and stop it eating her. Yes, Victoria, there is a cure for MS. The chemo's really nasty and of course nothing is guaranteed, but. We're doing this.

I say "we" because of course I'm going with her, though my citizenship interview might well fall into that window, and though my passport is expiring at exactly the wrong time so I have to try to get it renewed from five thousand miles away before we go, and yadda yadda.

The totally unsurprising thing about this procedure? It's horrendously expensive, as well as being life-threatening and in another country. And of course we have no money, because hullo.

So: there's a crowdfunding appeal up for the cost of the actual treatment, and you will find that here.

But it's hard to ask for something for nothing, and there are expenses above and beyond the treatment, and Karen has always been the breadwinner in this marriage and we have no idea what the state of her health will be afterwards - so I've rebooted my Patreon project as a fundraiser too. Subscribe to that - for as little as three bucks a month - and not only do you get stories about English schoolgirls on Mars, and recipes and more, but you also get to help cure Karen. Isn't that worth a cup of coffee a month? You'll find the Patreon right here.

If you can't contribute financially, spreading the word is still a contribution, and we'll still be amazingly grateful.
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 12th, 2017 11:08 pm)
Today our internet provider was doing work in our neighborhood, which mean ahahahahahah no internet. As someone who works from home for a tech company, this was less than ideal. In theory, at least. In reality, I worked on content offline, and occasionally checked my work email via my phone.

The Great Decluttering of the bedroom is almost done. There's one small corner left, and that's probably not being touched until next week, because two and a half days of yanking everything out, sorting and boxing things, and cleaning has left me a leetle worn out.

I bagged up 35 t-shirts to donate. I still have a large drawer-full that I'm keeping, because you will pry my concert shirts out of my undead hands. My vintage The Cure shirt! My Sisters of Mercy shirt from the early 2000s! OMG MY DAVID BOWIE SHIRT, from ... again, an early 2000s tour. (Pardon me while I get angry all over again about the ex-boyfriend of mine who made off with a lot of my old concert shirts. I had a shirt from the Sound + Vision tour. HAD. Grrrrr.)

Anyway, progress on the Great Decluttering!
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 11th, 2017 10:39 pm)
Oh right, because there comes a point in every packrat's life where they need to clean and organize. And I'll admit, I do like the end result! It's just getting there is very tedious.

Day Two of the Great Decluttering! STATUS UPDATE:

  • Huh, I made a bunch of lace jabots some years in the past? I don’t remember doing that. But there they were, sitting in a hat box on an upper shelf.

  • I found the lost kingdom of black rubber bracelets.

  • THAT’s where that box of fans went! Into the bin for the Eldergoth Surprise Boxes you go.

  • Awww, remember when someone at Hot Topic HQ was lurking on alt.gothic and lifting phrases to be turned into stickers? I apparently bought a bunch of them, then put them “someplace safe”, where they haven’t seen the light of day for … well, let’s just say a while.

  • HOLY BATS A COMPLETE SET OF BPAL IMPS FOR THE ORIGINAL RELEASE OF AMERICAN GODS. I don’t know why you forgot about these, past self, but thank you?

  • That’s where those two tiny perfume bottle necklaces went!


And dust. So much dust, OMG.
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([personal profile] primsong Jun. 11th, 2017 04:18 pm)
One of the dancers in our troupe showed up recently with a custom outfit - a blue ghawazee coat done up to be the TARDIS, matching earrings, harem pants made from cotton with the pattern of the "Vincent" swirl artwork featuring same - and a homemade Four scarf. Now she bounced over to me to lend me three Big Finish eps with Ten and Donna (with commentary on how she despises Rose Tyler). Hee! Another one has a Star Trek costume and dance routine including producing tribbles from a concealed pocket and using them like hand candles. The geekery apparently permeates every part of life it you wait long enough.
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([personal profile] primsong Jun. 11th, 2017 03:26 pm)
We had our last graduation event for my youngest's school chums, the ones who were Freshmen when she was a Senior so we worked with them in drama, etc. and got to know them. End of an era with her school in a way as most of the amazing older teachers she had that were so influential are all retiring as well now. Good people, the kind that pour their lives into those kids and it really shows, the kind the kids still talk about when they are old themselves.

The roses are all so tall and abundant this year! My yard is going crazy with blooming things so I cut back two big bouquets of miniature roses to give away to people at church this morning. Now I've dragged out my dehydrator and loaded it up with rose petals for a friend who adds them to her homemade soaps, the house smells heavenly with drying roses.

Hoping all is well for everyone as we all wade into another summer together.
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([personal profile] cupcake_goth Jun. 10th, 2017 09:42 pm)
Today was the start of the Great Uncluttering, which is going to be an ongoing project this summer. Today was the day I tackled the bedroom. My main goal was to completely clear the area behind the dresser/in front of one of my wardrobes. That's the section where all the shoes and boots live, and it usually turns into a heap of petticoats and skirts.

I was ruthless about sorting through some bins that lived in that corner, that were full of fabric scraps and assorted paper. A whole lot went in the trash and recycling, and there are multiple bags of fabric pieces that are going to the local thrift store to be recycled there.

Or, as I said over on Tumblr, STATUS UPDATE:

  • Not devoured by petticoats, boots, or velvet skirts.

  • Have discovered the bedroom floor in that corner.

  • Have culled a whole bunch of clothes (including vintage Lip Service) for selling later. (eBay or Poshmark? I need to figure that out.)

  • Put together an entire bin of gothy accessories, fabric, and ephemera for upcoming Eldergoth Surprise Boxes.